HQ Network is the corporate entity which develops and houses software to assist many different groups and community types around the world.

At our core, we provide Private Social Networks.

WHY? Because not everything was meant to be shared with everyone. 

We wanted a solution for safe and efficient communication in an online space.
It was developed to address a need for a place that offered the tools of a social network – without the problems of a social network.

Invite only - Protected space for your conversations, pictures, videos, documents, instant chats...

All users connected to groups and introduced by invitation only. Invite only means a safe space for workplaces, children, schools, sports clubs and communities of people who are looking to share information with each other – not the world.

Users of our network also protect their digital footprint as profiles or groups are not searchable by search engines. Users also do not have the ability to search for others users within the site, this way users connect with only people they wish to.

The HQ Network takes advantage of leading cloud technology to rapidly scale in size and cope with high demand periods from all over the world. Being based solely in the cloud allows for ease of use for the customer as there is no software download or installation required.  

Our mission is to provide private social networks to connect, engage and share with their community.

We have different versions to suit your group. If you can't find one to fit, we would love to help - 

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Keep in touch with family and friends in separate groups. No more overlapping or blurring the boundaries of friends, parents and work colleagues.
Everyday conversations in everyday life without the public broadcasting. 
Unlimited users and groups means endless possible uses.

Taking the hassle out of team organisation and  club community connection.
Unlimited groups and users, affordable and convenient. Coaches, administrators, players and family members all benefit.
From grassroots to national associations, we have a solution for all.

Providing an alternative to intranet, project tools, emails, instant messages, voicemails and work productivity blockers.
Connect and engage staff, centralise communications and encourage creativity.
Pricing models to suit your business size and needs. Can be custom branded.
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The HQ Network can be tailored to suit any group type or need.

There are multiple base features that come with the standard version of the site.

These differ depending on the version utilised.

Messaging Unlimited Groups
  File Sharing  Privacy Controls
  Media Sharing  User Management
  Private Blogs/Articles Content Moderation
  Text Chat Monetise Your Network